Documentation & Notes

*A pop up dialog box will ask permission to track your current location. If it doesn’t show your current location in the search bar once you’ve accepted, simply reload the browser. After the reload your current location should be shown in the search bar and all of the nearest stores closest to you should appear.

*If your browser does not display the pop up you can always manually enter your current location. When using the suggested/auto-fill location, that appears when typing your address, tap and hold the address to enter it into the search bar. This note is only for mobile phone users.

*Cities that start with the zip code of “0” is missing the 0 due to a flaw that we are working on fixing. So if the zip code is 01109 what you will actually see is “1109”. We are aware of this issue and are fixing it. The location of the stores however, are still accurate.

* If you come across a “Reload Center (Netspend)” location, do not skip the listing just because you do not have a Netspend card. This listing tells you, that you can reload your Netspend card at this location, but may also be a Walgreens (for example) which means they sell reload packs, and you can reload at the register. In most cases The Reload Center (Netspend) address will likely be have identical address as other stores. This is just to point out that, a specific store is a reload center for Netspend. View photo below for better understanding.
Netspend Reload